A collection of logos created for a variety of clients. Ranging from Youtube channels to a Taekwon-do studio.
Art Direction,
Branding & Identity
Reactive Spaces API allowed students in Canadian universities to develop interactive games.
Kou’s Taekwon-do studio in Ottawa teaches passion, teamwork and devotion.
Rÿlan's a DJ and streetwear designer in the Ottawa region.
The 40 is an Ottawa nightclub event that invited 40 individuals to a private party
Rÿlan's original name, RylanMK, had a sophisticated logo in use as a musician and clothing designer.
Youtube's Boko Bros captures 4 Filipino/Canadian brothers parkouring around the world.
Another End is a procedurally-generated story driven adventure game for the web browser.
The Spot is an iPhone application that informs individuals which nightclubs are lit in your city.
Community is an interactive storytelling website. Showcasing life in an intended community.
Awaken Your Potential (AYP) is a transformation retreat. I created a face using sacred geometry.
Another End