RylanMK wanted to drop MK along with establishing a new look. I worked with him to create his new identity, Rÿlan.
Art Direction &
Rÿlan's World
With a new name comes a new logo. Rÿlan wanted a logo that was centered around the Ÿ. I wanted to create a symbol that could work on mixtapes as well as clothing. Taking inspiration from the 90's, Rÿlan was formed using bold lettering and a hand drawn aesthetic for the Ÿ.
Primary Logo
Secondary Logo
With every mix comes a new cover. A collection of mixtape covers created for Rÿlan's soundcloud.
The summer mixtape was promoted through the Rÿlan Instagram and Facebook accounts. A 30 second video was posted to Facebook and three inlining 30 second videos with samples of the mix were posted on Instagram. All post combined seamlessly formed a cloud banner in Rÿlan’s account view.